Dr. Alexander Jeschke

Patent Attorney

Dr. rer. nat.; Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Patent Attorney

Accredited Professional Representative before the European Patent Office and the Harmonization Office

Dr. Jeschke has been working in the field of intellectual property for a long time, for many years in industry patent departments.

He began his training at an automotive supplier of hardware and software, where he gained technical experience in building simulators and related development software, as well as experience in patent law.

Later, he worked at an English-speaking university, where he was responsible for all matters of patenting, exploitation and implementation of inventions within the university. In particular, he designed the legal conditions for cooperation between industry and the university.

His career also led him to a wind turbine manufacturer, where he was head of the legal and patent department. In addition to managing personnel and coordinating the patenting processes, Dr. Jeschke advised the board of directors.

Dr. Jeschke learned the profession of Patent Attorney for many years in a patent law firm, where he advised national and international clients, assisting them with different matters of industrial property protection.

Clients appreciate both his industrial and academic experiences, which he actively brings to the consulting he provides.


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