Dr. Ann-Kathrin Rohde

Patent Engineer



Dipl.-Ing./ Dr.-Ing. Production Engineering

Dr. Rohde studied production technology at the University of Bremen and worked for various production companies, including abroad. Following her studies, she conducted research in an industry-oriented research institute on topics in the areas of production and logistics and worked as a lecturer in technical logistics at the University of Bremen. In her research work, Rohde particularly took into account the interests and concerns of small and medium-sized companies and a high level of application. She received her doctorate in the field of technology assessment of logistics technologies at the University of Bremen in 2020.

Parallel to her research work, Dr. Rohde founded an innovation communication company. She began her patent law work in 2011 as part of a postgraduate course at the Hagen Open University to become a patent engineer and worked for various patent law firms.

Her technical focus lies on mechanical and plant engineering, production and automation systems, sensors, measurement technology, aviation and vehicle technology, logistics technologies and technical products.


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